Attività portuali e marittime

Port and marine equipment has to operate under difficult environmental and working conditions (strong load variations, humidity, salty sea air, etc.).

We work with equipment suppliers in the marine sector, designing bespoke engineering solutions for specialist equipment.

ports and marine equipment Mersen

Port facilities

We provide high-performance carbon brushes, brush-holders and slip ring assemblies specifically adapted to:

  • lifting cranes
  • trolleys
  • earthing

Cargo Ships

Mersen contributes to operational performance of cargo ships. 

Cargo motors

Our carbon brushes, brush-holders and slip-ring assemblies are used for marine applications in propulsion drives, cathodic protection systems, motors and generators.

Power conversion

Power management solutions are used to convert and manage high power DC or AC signals.

Electrical protection

  • Overcurrent protection solutions to protect power modules and semiconductor devices.

Thermal management 

  • Heat sink and cooling equipment to carefully handle power losses during conversion operations in the semiconductors.

Laminated bus bars:

  • Conductor solutions for quality power distribution (laminated bus bar).

In collaborazione con i fornitori del settore navale, progettiamo eccellenti soluzioni tecniche per le loro attrezzature specialistiche.

Le soluzioni di Mersen sono perfette per le condizioni critiche tipiche dei porti e degli ambienti marittimi in generale:

  • Conversione di energia:  barre d'interconnessione, raffreddatori, fusibili
  • Motori elettrici: spazzole di carbone, anelli collettori
  • Controllo dell'inquinamento dell'aria: gorgogliatori