Trattamento acqua

Water management is a global issue and one of the hardest challenges the world faces today. 

water treatment Mersen

Water purification

PAC and FeCl3

PAC (Poly-Aluminium Chloride) and FeCl3 (Iron Chloride) are both flocculants widely used in all kind of waste water treatment processes. 

PAC and FeCL3 process equipment

Both produced using batch reaction systems where standard anticorrosion equipment includes:

  • graphite or SiC heat exchangers
  • reactive metals such as tantalum, zirconium, titanium equipment
  • Armylor PTFE lined piping

Power transfer

Mersen’s electrical slip ring assembles ensure strong and reliable Signal and Power transmission. The modular C3046 series is perfectly suited to the requirements of water treatment plants.

Electrical Power Solutions

Today’s Water treatment industries are more and more concerned with the safety of workers and equipment, achieving optimal power efficiency and avoiding downtime where possible. The protection of critical loads and asset management are also key concerns.

Mersen has it all — from overcurrent protection to surge protection, cooling and interconnection solutions — meeting the needs of Water treatment industry market players in power distribution or power conversion alike.

La gestione dell'acqua è un problema globale e una delle sfide più dure che il mondo si trovi oggi ad affrontare.

Forniamo attrezzature di processo per la purificazione dell'acqua, sistemi per il trasferimento di potenza e soluzioni per l'energia elettrica.