Silicon crystals for semiconductor applications, such as memory chips, microprocessors, transistors and diodes, are produced by two methods: the Czochralski and the float zone processes. Mersen provides long lasting and efficient process solutions.

Wafer manufacturing

Purity control

Our equipment ensures the high quality of wafers, thanks to a strict purity control

  • Our purified and coated specialties.
  • Our C/C composite parts.
  • Our graphite refractory solutions.

Hot zones

We enable to design accurate hot zones thanks to 

  • Our high temperature thermal insulation.

Wafer processing

To build electronic devices, silicon wafers will be processed through different steps.

Starting with the deposition of multiple thin layers, engineering their properties through ion implants and finally designing the micro-components through accurate lithography and etching processes, wafer processing is requiring:

  • High purity and extremely clean tools.
  • Durability in special conditions like plasmas or hot metal vapors.

Our wide range of purified and coated specialties enables semi-conductor OEMs to design efficient wafer processing tools.

Mersen machining and process capability offers a worldwide service.

Mersen è attiva in ogni fase del processo di fabbricazione dei semiconduttori aiutando a rendere questo settore più efficiente:

  • Produzione di monocristalli: sistemi con isografite e feltro rigido
  • Deposizione degli strati attivi: isografite, SiC lavorato meccanicamente-sinterizzato con sistemi di rivestimento